10 Non-Clinical Work Opportunities for Physicians

While many physicians are passionate about working in a clinical setting directly with patients, some prefer non-clinical opportunities in addition to their clinical work. Whether you want to take a break or just broaden your experience, there are numerous non-clinical careers for physicians.


Here are ten options you could consider:


1. CME activities

Continuing Medical Education (CME) is a $2 billion industry where doctors can participate in continuing education activities for companies or other healthcare professionals. If you are interested in research, teaching, or looking for a postdoctoral job, this may be an option to pursue. 


2. Physician career coach

Many doctors are considering changing careers due to burnout or need the advice to upgrade their jobs, and are looking for guidance. A career coach assists and guides their fellow physicians with their careers and polish up their management skills. 


3. Financial jobs

Financial planning is essential for any practice and sometimes a burden on physicians. Using knowledge gained from clinician days and being number-driven is beneficial to this job. 


4. Digital Technology

Technology is continuously evolving, and medical practitioners need to keep up to date in their practices, clinics, hospitals, etc. There are various jobs to choose from in the digital technology field, such as electronic health record (EHR) programs, software application creators, and IT departments in hospitals. 


5. Practice management consulting

Physicians that have a practice don’t always have the time to oversee business operations and prefer to hire a practice management consultant. Help to run a practice from a business perspective by tackling matters like coding, processing claims, finance, marketing, and productivity. 


6. Utilization review

There is an increasing demand for utilization review as the health insurance industry is flourishing. Physicians can use their analytical skills to pursue this administrative role.  


7. Healthcare consultant

Determined physicians that delve into consulting will assist hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, government, and other organizations, with improvements in their operational activities.


8. Venture capital companies

Working with a venture capital company offers an excellent opportunity for high earning potential for your business innovations. These companies capitalize on start-ups or organizations that are worth a return on investment. Physicians are often the ones to come up with the next innovation but need to make it a reality. 


9. Pharmaceuticals and Clinical Trials

Physicians with experience in pharma or interested in conducting medical research can network with their colleagues to get a foot in the door at a pharmaceutical company. There are opportunities in prescription medicine research and development as well as participation in clinical trials.


10. Clinical Physicians looking for non-clinical opportunities

There are many other opportunities for non-clinical jobs for physicians, such as, a physician advisor, clinical writer, or recruiter.




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