Locum tenens positions are staffed by qualified physicians who fill in at medical centers when their employed hospital staff cannot or are on temporary leave. Often, locum tenens physicians will work anywhere from a week up to six months in a position.  It can be a reliable source of work for some looking to work somewhere without committing to long-term employment. Many physicians use locum tenens positions to assist in life transitions like being between jobs, moving to another state, or traveling.

If you’ve never been a locum tenens physician before, the team from medtigo can help you understand the steps to obtaining one!

Step #1: Update Your CV

The first step to any job search in the healthcare sector, especially a locum physician position, is to update your resume. Make sure to create a concise CV that highlights your skills and experience and includes all of your accreditations. Be sure to include your most recent work history and certifications. Both humans and computers scan your resume, so don’t be disqualified due to bad formatting or poorly written resumes.

Step #2: Make sure you have all of your Licensing and Credentialing

Each state has different licensing and credentialing criteria.  If you are looking to use locum positions for a move or travel, you’ll need a medical license in the state(s) you plan to work in and ensure that you have the proper certifications required for that state.  When you work with a locum tenens provider agency, they will help you with the licensing and credentialing requirements and ensuring that you get through the process in a timely fashion.

Step #3: Keep all of your Records Organized

Being a physician means that there is a lot of paperwork to keep track of, from immunization records and letters of recommendation to certifications and CME credits.  Every hospital or clinic you’ll work for will want to see many of your documents to work in their facility.  Being able to keep everything up to date and organized will be a crucial factor to success. You’ll want to find an app or tool where all of these critical documents can be stored.  Ideally, the tool will have the ability to tell you when the renewal for those certifications and licenses is required.

Step #4: Learn How to Respond to Inquires

Making sure you respond quickly doesn’t ensure that you’ll get that reliable locum tenens position, but it does show that you are interested in working there.  The sooner you respond to any inquiries, the better. Showing that you have enthusiasm for the position may give you an advantage over other candidates in competitive job markets.

Be honest about your past, as well as your needs and expectations. Healthcare employers and healthcare recruiters respect honesty, so don’t hesitate to talk about past incidences and be frank about your experience and skills. Additionally, you want the position to work for you, so tell the locum tenens recruiter if you wish to work weekend or evening shifts or have other considerations before hiring.

Step #5: Don’t Forget to Negotiate

Like any job, pay and benefits are always open to negotiation. Is there a particular component of your contract that you’re not comfortable with? Be sure to voice those concerns before signing on to be a locum tenens physician.

Contact us today for more about locum tenens physician positions!

There are many locum physician jobs out there, so knowing precisely what type of job you want from the outset is essential. Think of the different clinical settings that will suit you best, which patient populations you feel comfortable working with, and how much you want to get paid for your locum tenens position. Then contact a locum tenens agency.

Contact us online today to learn more about our locum tenens opportunities or call 413-398-5509.

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