Benefits of Getting PALS Certified Online

PALS {pediatric advanced life support} is an essential area of emergency medicine that deals with care for children with cardiac, pulmonary, and neurologic emergencies. Most medical practices and hospitals require healthcare workers who handle children to undergo training that will enable them to earn their PALS certification. PALS training is also essential for paramedics and emergency service providers. After you earn your PALS certification, you should also pursue PALS recertification online or in classroom-based courses every two years.

In the past, healthcare professionals were required to attend classroom-based training for about two days in order to earn PALS certification. Thankfully, multiple schools now offer online PALS certification, and most medical institutions recognize the online certifications. Below are some of the benefits of earning your PALS certification online.

Work at your own pace

It can be quite overwhelming for some learners to adapt instantly to a particular in-person teacher’s classroom style and pace. It can also be difficult for an in-person teacher to balance the sometimes-conflicting needs and the multiplicity of learning styles within a classroom in which many students are present. Online PALS certification and recertification allows you to set the pace of your own learning and to choose a learning style that works best for you. You can start with any topic and can go back to different topics as you wish, in order to master various concepts.

Minimal repetition and monotony

Instructor-led courses often come with a lot of inevitable repetition and monotony, all the more so when you are seeking re-certification. Online learning allows you to skip otherwise-wasted sections re-learning the topics and skills that you have previously mastered. In fact, for those who are confident that they already know everything taught in certification or recertification, you can skip the coursework and go directly to the exam.

You set your own schedule

Finding free time when working in the medical field is almost impossible. Finding the time to schedule in-person learning that suits your work timetable is therefore especially important. Online PALS courses are available at your convenience, without time and date restrictions, so you can arrange a schedule that best fits your work shifts.

Saves money

The sites that offer online PALS certification and recertification will differ in pricing. While most are far cheaper compared to classroom-based learning, some offer free PALS certification and recertification. This means that you will pay nothing for your course and, better yet, save the expenses of travel to and from in-person classes.

Not all platforms offering PALS training with the above benefits are suitable for you. Some will provide substandard coursework, while others offer a certification that is not recognized. The best platform for PALS certification online free is medtigo Connect. The coursework here has been audited by renowned cardiologists and meets the guidelines set by relevant regulatory bodies.

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