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How to get a medical credentialing service provider

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Provider credentialing is the process of verifying the qualifications of the provider to treat patients in the best possible way. It is a critical step in getting a healthcare provider to affiliate with payers. The process is lengthy and complex as it includes a lot of paperwork. Also, the follow-up questions and verification during the process make the process even more time-consuming. Therefore, getting a medical credentialing service provider is essential for any provider to get credentialed to work in a facility.  

Healthcare & hospitals is a big industry. Therefore, there are several medical credentialing service providers that can help physicians get credentialed easily and quickly. Some service providers work specifically for a few particular states, while others cover the majority or every state of the United States.  


Also, healthcare facilities or physicians can contact or hire a credentialing service provider online and do not require visiting their office to save time. They just have to visit the service provider’s website and submit the application there.  

As a credentialing service provider seems significant for a medical provider, there are several ways to get a medical credentialing service provider.  


  • A healthcare facility can hire a credentialing service provider either online or offline. Healthcare facilities can hire service providers for a longer period to reduce the cost of credentialing. 
  • A physician can also contact a credentialing service provider directly to process the application and maintain all the certificates and licenses up to date even after getting credentialed, as the service provider will timely update about certificate renewal and expiration. 
  • Credentialing service providers require applicants’ details like licenses and certificates, board history, education, etcetera.  

Benefits of credentialing services:

  • Medical credentialing involves piles of paperwork, and  One of the most significant advantages of getting credential services is that a physician is not required to worry about anything. The service providers will take care of everything from initial file work to renewals of credentials. 
  • Typically, credentialing service providers have experienced staff that reduces the margin of error in the process. Hence, it avoids any unnecessary delays in the process. 
  • Credentialing service providers keep the data up to date to reduce the chances of rejection or any unnecessary delay in the process. 
  • The service providers process faster payments from insurance and get more patient referrals. 
  • By keeping track of the application, the credentialing service providers give regular updates and developments made in the application process. 
  • With knowledge of the application process and regulations of every state, most credentialing service providers cover every state and get physicians credentialed easily in every state. 

How much does a medical credentialing service cost? 

  • On average, expect to pay between $2,000 to $5,000 per year for physician credentialing services. 
  • The cost of credentialing per physician differs from credentialing service providers. However, the average cost is about $150 to $300. 
  • The initial setup may cost up to $800. 
  • Additionally, it costs about $100 for an application per panel.  

The healthcare facilities that choose to outsource medical credentialing to credentialing service providers save both money and time. While a facility may fill out applications to credential a couple of physicians in a single day, credentialing experts fill out dozens of applications in a single day. 





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