Top locations for locum tenens jobs in US

As we know, locum tenen physicians get the freedom to practice medicine whenever and wherever they want. Some of them choose locum tenen to practice medicine as they can travel to many places and enjoy their hobbies. On the other hand, some of them become locum tenens as they really want to help people where medical care is not available.  

In this blog post, you will get to know the places in the US where you can become a locum tenen physician. 

California: The state of California has a large population.But many rural areas still do not have easy access to medical care. Almost 7 million people live in places without primary care physicians. They will need more physician to provide medical care by that time. So, locum tenen can provide medical care to these people in California.  

Indiana: In Indiana, people can’t get medical care at many places. Most of the primary care physicians provide medical care in big cities. It ranks 35th in the nation for high rates of infant mortality, smoking and diabetes. But it is also known as the second highest-paid state for physicians as they earn an average of $372,000 every year. So, locum tenen should consider this place to practice medicine.  

Wisconsin: People in Wisconsin need more medical care as they are getting older. It had 40% of population above 60 years in 2015. This number will increase by the year 2040. They will need more physicians and medical care in the future. So, you can work as a locum tenen in Wisconsin.  

New York: New York is having a shortage of physicians as  physicians are retiring faster as compared to the new ones starting to practice medicine. Some specialties such as cardiovascular, psychiatry and surgery require more physicians. So, if you have these specialties, you can get a chance to work as a locum tenen there.  

Pennsylvania: Experts predict that they will need 1,039 more primary care physicians by 2030. This will make people wait longer to get treatment for minor illnesses. There will be a high demand for physicians in family medicine, emergency medicine and urgent care. It is also rich in American history and natural beauty. So, you can practice medicine as a locum tenen in Pennsylvania.  

In conclusion, some places such as California, Indiana, Wisconsin, New York and Pennsylvania are the best and top places to become a locum tenen in the US. 

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