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What is the best way to track my shifts at multiple healthcare locations?

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In today’s dynamic work environment, it is challenging to cope with all the duties and responsibilities at work. This becomes even more challenging when you work in shifts, for instance, in healthcare facilities. It is particularly important to track shifts when you are working in various hospitals as a locum tenens physician.

To make operations simpler, it is advised to record and note your shifts, timings, and dates on a calendar. It is great that we have affordable technology to assist us, so it would be ill-advised not to use it. The best way to track your shifts at multiple healthcare locations is to use a mobile calendar app.

Earlier, scheduling software was expensive, and only big companies could afford them. Still, now there are umpteen numbers of mobile calendar apps, especially for people who work in shifts like doctors, nurses, dispatchers, and more. These apps allow people to easily track their shifts and fix future schedules. 

Due to the easy accessibility of tracking shifts on their phone, healthcare workers can now perform their tasks more efficiently. They do not have to worry about their shifts and can focus on patients. Shift tracking apps are even more beneficial for you if you work as a locum tenens physician at multiple medical facilities. Using a medical calendar app, doctors can prevent their shifts from clashing at different venues. To prevent such clashes, doctors can assign a distinct color for each location they work at.

One of the best features of these apps is the ability to divide work into daily, weekly, and monthly schedules. 

When you work in a dynamic workforce like a hospital, sometimes you have to work more than your shift and can’t spend time with your family and friends. There are several apps where you can share shift details with your family and friends, so they can track your shifts on their phones and be informed about your schedule.


These apps regularly remind users about their next shift and provide complete information about them. Moreover, these apps record data and provide reports of these shifts. To start using the app, you have to provide some basic static information once and regularly provide information about future tasks. 

Tracking shifts can be quite challenging when you are working at several locations. Thus, to make your work smoother and your focus be on looking after patients, you must use a shift tracking app to track these shifts on your mobile

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