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Who provides medical credentialing services?

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Medical credentialing is the process of verifying the authenticity of a provider. It is done to make sure that the physician is qualified and provides the best services and care to the patients. 

As much as credentialing is important for any physician to practice legally, it is a very complex and time-consuming process. The process includes too much manual paperwork like completing the application form, providing documents, and clarifications. Moreover, the whole process takes about 90-120 days, which makes it tough for physicians to keep track of their applications. 

Many organizations provide medical credentialing services and keep track of the application on behalf of the applicants. These agencies are registered and have people who have experience in providing these services. From filling up the application form to providing the final credential certificate, these agencies are responsible for doing it all on physicians’ behalf. 

Why is credentialing important? 

Credentialing is important to practice medicine legally, but it is also important for physicians to generate more revenue. When patients come to a physician, they want to reimburse their medical insurance. If the physician is not credentialed with the patient’s insurance company, then the patient may want to look for another physician. Thus, credentialing with insurance companies is also important. 

Applying for credentialing at different insurance companies is indeed a humongous task, especially for physicians who are over-occupied with their work and shifts. The best solution to this problem is for the physicians to hire an agency that provides these services and get them credentialed. This way, physicians can focus more on their patients and deliver the best care to them. 


The agencies that provide medical credentialing services help in building strong connections so that the physicians are linked to multiple carriers and can retain their patients. 

What are the benefits of provider medical credentialing services? 

The most important is that you save your precious time. Time is indeed real money in today’s fast world. The Healthcare sector is already overwhelmed, and these documentation processes give very little time for physicians to relax. Thus, agencies that provide medical credentialing services are important. 

As these agencies have experience in dealing with all the paperwork and insurance companies, they make the process smooth and hassle-free. Moreover, they provide proper guidance and information prior to submitting the application. Thus, it reduces the chances of rejection of the application. 

Provider medical credentialing services help in building a strong network of payers. It helps in increasing revenue and retaining the patients over a period. 

They timely provide information about the application and keep track of it. Moreover, they keep on updating information with time. 

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