Case of the Week | February 5, 2021

Case of Fever and New Leg Swelling

A generally healthy, fully-immunized 32-year-old female presents to the emergency department with fever, generalized malaise, and new edema of the lower extremities. She reports feeling ill approximately 2 weeks ago with chills, myalgias, and nasal congestion, though states these symptoms have since resolved. An EKG is performed on arrival and demonstrates diffuse ST elevations, as well as PR-segment depressions with reciprocal changes. Troponin-I level, as well as CKMB, are elevated. Echocardiogram shows segmental wall motion defects and left ventricular dilation. Plain films of the chest are positive for pleural effusion. The patient is transported back to the emergency department for further work-up/probable inpatient admission. What is the most likely etiology for the patient’s symptoms?

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