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Healthcare professionals specializing in Emergency Medicine thrive on the adrenaline that surges when they act fast and save lives. However, the demands and stress of accurately diagnosing and treating unforeseen injury and illness are acute. The wise professional prepares for the stress of making a sometimes instantaneous, sometimes baffling diagnosis — and often providing critical follow-up treatment — with continuous education and training. Although this career path promises a high-stress environment, there are several advantages to specialization as an Emergency Medicine doctor.

What to expect when specializing in Emergency Medicine (H2)

  • You can make a difference in someone’s life

A doctor in the emergency room (ER) can literally be the difference between a person’s living or dying. Cases are not always life-threatening, but most ER cases force doctors to recognize and treat conditions with immediate accuracy. And when an ER doctor correctly diagnoses and treats a serious condition, that physician makes a significant difference not only in the patient’s life but in the life of the patient’s family and loved ones.

  • Every day is unique

ER doctors typically never experience the same day twice, as every day brings new cases and challenges. This field of practice forces doctors to flex their critical thinking skills daily.

  • Emergency Medicine means exposure to interesting, ever-changing conditions

Patients enter the ER with varying conditions, meaning that Emergency Medicine physicians gain experience in a variety of specialties. These medical challenges typically include heart attacks, fractures, trauma, strokes, opioid emergencies, and pneumonia, in addition to the less dramatic ills to which all humans are prone.

  • The ER is a good networking platform

No ER can function without the contributions of a range of healthcare professionals. ER teams usually include nurses, physician assistants, lab technicians, and specialists, a fact that provides an opportunity for you to connect with other dedicated professionals and to forge relationships that often last for the duration of your medical career.

Emergency Medicine doctors must maintain their education and training, in order to ensure that their skills remain current and relevant. They have to stay up-to-date on the latest diagnostic tools, and on the latest procedures, medications, and treatment approaches for all conditions. Emergency Medicine specialists will usually participate in opportunities to earn Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits in order to stay abreast of current information and practices. If you are seeking high-quality educational CME opportunities, medtigo Connect offers such opportunities to all our members — for free. Our offerings include ACLS and PALS courses, as well as BLS classes. We also provide access to POCUS training and CME activities in hard-to-find as well as in required categories, such as Pain Management.

If you would like to discuss any of our Emergency Medicine online courses, get in touch with medtigo today.

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