Factors to Consider When Applying for BLS Recertification Online

As a professional, you know that it is essential to invest in courses that will make you better at your job and place you ahead of your peers. While many short-term courses address the needs of healthcare professionals in almost all sectors, the BLS (basic life support) certification is essential for all healthcare professionals, as well as for first responders like firefighters and police officers. The BLS course is also important for people like athletes, social workers, teachers, and lifeguards, who want to know how to perform CPR and basic first-aid procedures.

In BLS classes, you will learn how to perform high-quality CPR, initiate the chain of survival, provide early defibrillation using an AED, and relieve choking. And we are happy to tell you that you can sign up for free BLS courses online with medtigo Connect — courses that offer the same information and skills development as do in-person classes.

But before you enroll for any BLS online certification, consider the relevant factors discussed below:

  • A School’s Reputation

Earning your certification from an online institution that is not well-recognized by leading healthcare organizations might be something of a waste of time. Leading industry professionals often know which schools offer the best course materials and teaching techniques, and thus will favor BLS certifications from these schools. So, before settling on a certification provider, you can ask around in your professional circles for a recommendation on the best choice. Some employers also maintain a list of the training organizations they recognize as top-quality, and this information will provide you with a place to start your search. Certification from medtigo Connect is recognized and accepted at 97% of U.S. hospitals.

  • Cost

The option of online BLS certification is relatively popular due to the reduced costs of learning as compared to the costs of in-person classes. In addition to the lack of travel expenses, online classes will often save money because the tuition is less than that charged for in-person courses. Furthermore, as mentioned, BLS certification online is actually free when you take advantage of courses provided by medtigo Connect.

  • The Institution’s Accreditation

Before settling on a specific online institution for your BLS training, check its own certifications, in order to ensure that it is properly accredited according to your industry’s standards. Several regulatory bodies typically oversee BLS courses. Such bodies differ according to local jurisdictions and specific professional areas. Most institutions that offer online certification will include their accreditations on their homepages.

  • Convenience

One of the most significant advantages of online classes is the convenience of taking classes from anywhere there is internet connectivity, at any time. You should, however, check on how long each class session lasts and whether or not it can be interrupted at your convenience; some schools, for instance, will require you to be logged into your class for a specific duration before you log out, while other schools allow you to pause the class and then to continue at your convenience. Be sure also to confirm that you will be able to continue to refer back to previous class sessions, for any online platform that you choose.

Sign Up for Free Online BLS Certification

medtigo Connect is one of the online BLS training institutions that ticks all the above desirable elements. medtigo’s BLS training is free, and medtigo also offers other attractive benefits for healthcare providers, including unified tracking of your certification, support for your continuous professional development, and per-diem work shifts at premium pay. There is no reason for you to settle for any other training platform.

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