Should strict abortion laws be deemed fair if they result in a rise in children entering foster care?

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  • Children placed in foster care experience irreversible damage to their mental health
  • There should be better support systems for families who face challenges in parenting.
  • These laws burden low-income families and children enter foster care due to neglect or unstable homes.
  • Increased foster care placements lead to longer stays for children in the system.
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      Amit KumarAmit Kumar

      An estimated 64,565 pregnancies have resulted from rape in the 14 US states with total bans on abortion, according to a research letter. Victims of rape who become pregnant in states with abortion bans sometimes seek self-managed abortions or attempt to often travel hundreds of miles to a state where abortion is legal. However, this leaves many without a practical alternative to carrying the pregnancy to term.
      Restricted abortion access can have numerous consequences, and a study finding reveal a heightened strain on the US foster care system, particularly impacting marginalized racial and ethnic communities as well as financially vulnerable families. Such placements have been shown to have lifelong consequences for children and substantial costs for both states and the federal government.

      Association Between Restricted Abortion Access and Child Entries Into the Foster Care System | Law and Medicine | JAMA Pediatrics | JAMA Network

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