Can differences in daily cognitive function predict the severity of a viral infection?

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  • Yes, cognitive fatigue and reaction time can predict immune system response
  • Maybe, alterations in everyday cognitive performance could predict the severity of infection
  • No, cognitive functions cannot alone predict the severity of symptoms or infection
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      Seema Waghmareswaghmare

      Findings of a recent study revealed that an individual’s cognitive performance before being infected with a virus could predict how severe their symptoms will be when they get infected. This is a first human study that shows that a person’s cognitive abilities before getting a respiratory virus can predict how severe the infection will be.

      The research team studied healthy individuals who were given brain tests and then exposed to rhinovirus. The tests measured different aspects of cognitive function, such as reaction time, attention, and the ability to switch between numbers and symbols quickly. The results of these tests were used to create a single measure of the cognitive function called an index of variability. The researchers wanted to test if differences in everyday cognitive performance could indicate changes in brain states that could increase the risk of getting sick, such as stress, fatigue, or poor sleep. They also wanted to see if cognitive function could predict how the immune system would respond to a respiratory virus.
      A Brain Game May Predict Your Risk of Infection.

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