Should men and women have different cardiovascular treatment approaches?

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  • Yes, men and women should have different treatment approaches
  • Maybe, men and women benefit differently from distinct treatment approaches
  • No, irrespective of gender treatment approach should be similar
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      Seema Waghmareswaghmare

      According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, heart disease is the leading cause of mortality among women and is responsible for almost one in five deaths. According to findings of a recent study, women with the cardiovascular disease received statins or preventative aspirin medication less frequently than males. The research revealed that whereas males were given prescriptions for lipid-lowering drugs, women were advised to lose weight, exercise, and modify their diet to prevent cardiovascular disease. Researchers discovered that men were prescribed statins at a 20% greater rate than women. To lose weight, women should reduce their caloric consumption by 11%, increase their exercise frequency by 38%, and reduce their overall calorie intake by 27%.
      Even though both men and women should follow the same guidelines to prevent heart disease, it has been observed that following a heart attack; women are treated less aggressively in hospitals than males. According to previous studies, beta-blockers decrease cholesterol and are more frequently recommended to males than women. The study findings highlight the importance of raising awareness among medical professionals to disseminate the most recent guidelines for maintaining cardiovascular health for both genders.

      Women Get Different Cardiovascular Medical Advice Than Men: Study

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