Are obesity rates in children affecting dengue hospitalization numbers?

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  • Obesity can alter immune system function and increase the risk of infections.
  • Increased adiposity may exacerbate the symptoms associated with dengue fever.
  • Obesity often coexists with other health issues which increase the risk of severe dengue.
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      A recent study observed that children who were obese than children with healthy weight were at higher risk of hospitalization due to dengue infection. Obesity is associated with an increase in risk of severe disease due to many other infections such as influenza and COVID-19. While public education programs have focused on the importance of reducing obesity to prevent occurrence of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer, there has been limited focus on the impact of obesity on many infectious diseases. If the increase in obesity leads to higher hospitalization rates due to dengue, obesity would be an important contributing factor for the current trend in an increase in hospitalizations, experienced in many dengue endemic countries.

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