Will the Insulin Bill actually solve anything?

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  • No, pharma companies need to reduce insulin prices
  • Insurance companies aren’t stupid to bear such losses
  • It may or may not be a step in the right direction
  • Yes, insulin’s current out-of-pocket cost is inhumane
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      Dalia SahaDalia Saha

      The price of everything is going up due to inflation and prescription drugs are no exception. As part of a new bill, the price of one lifesaving drug, insulin, will be capped, part of a price sharing model.

      ‘But while it would save consumers thousands of dollars at the pharmacy, the bill does not lower the overall price of insulin, and does not solve the problem of skyrocketing drug prices. Instead, it would shift more of the cost onto insurers and employers. ‘

      House passes bill to cap the cost of insulin

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