Why are missing teeth linked with obesity?

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  • With tooth loss lower intake of protein-rich foods can negatively impact body composition.
  • Poor oral health, including missing teeth, can be indicative of broader health issues.
  • With compromised chewing softer foods are consumed more that maybe higher in calories.
  • Inadequate chewing can disrupt the brain's fullness signals, leading to overeating and weight gain.
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      Poor dental health is also linked to many health issues such as oral cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Researchers of this study say that oral health is very important as it can help us understand what is going on with the rest of the human body. When researchers observed the collected data, they found that 73% of the adults participated were overweight or obese. The average number of teeth these individuals had was 20. But 45% of them had at least 21 teeth. It is the minimum required for functional chewing. They also found that front teeth that are used to bite into food did not affect weight status as back teeth did. They noticed that there was no connection between the number of front teeth lost after back teeth and BMI. This clearly shows that back teeth are very important to maintain a healthy weight. These results align with some of previous studies that suggest poor dental health is linked to weight issues.

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