Can we intervene at a specific time to inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells through electrical signals?

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  • Yes, the communication between the cancer cells causes its growth and multiplication
  • Maybe, if communication is inhibited, it could reduce tumor growth and survival
  • No, electrical signals are not associated with proliferation and cannot be used to intervene
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      Seema Waghmareswaghmare

      If you can stop cancer cells from communicating with one another, they could become easier to treat. Several cells in the human body, including the heart and the neurons that coordinate brain functions, are known to undergo electrical activity. When cells develop cancer, it is also known that they go through electrical alterations.
      Using machine learning, the researchers classified the signals into blinking and waving electrical signals. Breast cancer cells have developed a specific form of electrical communication. Although the complexity of the language is still unknown, it may enable cancer cells to communicate across great distances and provide information about surrounding nutrients or hostile environments, thus enhancing tumor survival. The Researchers also state that with this electrical communicating language, it would be easier to understand the cancer cell theory behind when to multiply and where to spread.

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      Mohamad Husni JrikhMohamad Husni Jrikh

      I do not think because both normal and malignant cells affects by same degree to electrical current

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