Is this proof that animal to human organ transplants could doom human civilization?

Some believe xenografting could introduce animal pathogens into human bodies

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  • Let’s not overreact about this
  • This is a little unsettling
  • Such unnatural surgeries shouldn’t be allowed
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      Mihir MaliMihir Mali

      Traces of porcine cytomegalovirus were found in David Bennett Sr. who was the recipient of a pig heart transplant — from a genetically modified pig. David was the first person to receive such a controversial treatment, and his surgery was considered groundbreaking until his demise on March 9th. As David had reacted well to the surgery, doctors were unable to identify the exact cause of the viral illness that led to his death.

      With the discovery of this animal virus in his body, it’s entirely possible that it was the cause of David Bennett’s illness. Dr. Jay Fishman, associate director of the transplantation centre at Massachusetts General Hospital said ” Did this contribute to the patient’s demise? The answer is obviously, we don’t know, but it might have contributed to his overall not doing well,” as reported The New York Times.

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      it did not match to human organ

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