Is Russia Robbing Children of their Childhood through Military Grooming?

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  • Yes, it deprives children of a carefree childhood and subjects them to the harsh realities of conflict
  • Maybe, as it fosters a dangerous mindset and escalates tension
  • No, it instills discipline and patriotism, preparing them for their future roles as defenders of the nation
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      Seema Waghmareswaghmare

      Vladimir Putin is grooming Russian children through the Youth Army for a lifetime of warfare. With 1.3 million members, these children are taught that their country is besieged by enemies, that only war can bring peace, and that sacrificing their lives for the Motherland is the ultimate achievement. While reminiscent of the Hitler Youth or Soviet Pioneers, Putin’s Youth Army employs a sophisticated digital presence to entice unsuspecting children into the realm of Russia’s militarism.
      Through constant digital propaganda, young Russians are coerced and enticed into joining, with reminders on their social media feeds that fallen youth soldiers like Nikita Nedzelsky are hailed as the state’s cherished heroes. It also raises further questions about whether other nations should train and prepare their youth for the worst.

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      No need

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