Does snacking quality matter more than quantity?

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  • Yes, higher-quality snacks have a positive impact on cardiometabolic health
  • Maybe, as low-quality snacks lack essential nutrients and regular consumption might increase the risk of chronic diseases
  • No, snack quality does not matter as quantity and frequency. Consuming in larger quantities poses a health risk
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      Seema Waghmareswaghmare

      Researchers conducted a study to examine the impact of snack quality, timing, and quantity on cardiometabolic health. The results revealed a strong association between higher-quality snacks and improved cardiometabolic health. This suggests that including high-quality snacks in one’s diet may improve overall health.
      Specifically, the study highlighted that snack quality, rather than timing or frequency, was the primary factor influencing health outcomes. Those who consumed higher-quality snacks exhibited better blood lipid and insulin responses. On the other hand, individuals who consumed a significant portion of their snacking calories after 9 p.m. experienced worse blood glucose and lipid levels.

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      Ismail  Hassan ih611038

      First of all snacks are of high cholesterol where by the snacks tend to take in a lot of oil which is used to cook them thus making it harmful to our health

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