What are your thoughts on a 13-year-old who carried out a mass school shooting not being charged due to their age and instead being placed in a psychiatric institution while his parents face legal consequences?

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  • It is the right decision because the suspect has mental health issues that must be addressed. 16.67% 14 votes
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  • Parents mold children and are responsible for their actions 4.76% 4 votes
  • It highlights the need for stricter gun control laws to prevent tragedies like this from happening 33.33% 28 votes
    Shepherd PattersonCarol Fischer, RNkhaoula.mazouzi.ihbiembamasiyethumimtWilliam Amenyaglo TakpalipahmasdiPRIYA . M.KORAH+ 20 more
  • It is a complex issue that requires a more nuanced approach than simply lowering the age of criminal responsibility 45.24% 38 votes
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      Seema Waghmareswaghmare

      Over 1 million juvenile crimes occur worldwide yearly. A tragic school shooting in Belgrade on May 3, left eight students and a security guard dead. The suspected 13-year-old gunman allegedly used his father’s two handguns to carry out the pre-planned attack. Six other pupils and a teacher were hospitalized, some with life-threatening injuries. The accused stated he had no motive for killing yet planned the attack a month in advance, had a list of students to kill, drew sketches of the classroom, and visited shooting ranges with his father. The young, suspected attacker will face no criminal charges and will be placed in a psychiatric institution due to being below Serbia’s age of criminal responsibility. His parents have also been arrested in connection with the incident, which practically they did not commit. He is known as the youngest, the cruelest mass murderer in the history of the world. The president of Serbia has planned to lower the age of criminal responsibility to 12 years old. In contrast, few countries worldwide have a minimum age of criminal responsibility of 7 years.

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      Social Media haa a significant influence on young minds. Peer pressure at that age is increasing as more ” freedom of choice and voice”, lack of moral standards and less supervision, increases the risk that teens become more demanding. This is an issue tht should be adressed in schools and gatherings. The use of alcohol and drugs are a major factor that contributes to influences. Drug pushers are in schools. The law needs to do an in depth investigation in conjunction with social workers and get parents involved for education and management of teen agers.

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