Why do females experience more distress from the use of social media compared to males?

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  • Women are more prone to social comparison and status.
  • Constant exposure to idea of ideal bodies can lead to negative body image.
  • Social media impacts relationship dynamic differently for males and females.
  • Women are more likely to experience harassment and negative comments on social media.
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      Amit KumarAmit Kumar

      In recent years, the evidence suggesting that smartphones negatively impact children’s mental health has steadily increased. Feelings of loneliness and sadness started to escalate over a decade ago, coinciding with the widespread adoption of smartphones and, subsequently, social media. The time teenagers spend engaging in face-to-face social interactions has decreased in tandem with this trend, as has their total sleep duration. Academic research corroborates these observations, with numerous studies indicating a correlation between the amount of time adolescents, particularly girls, spend on smartphones and their likelihood of experiencing depression or having low self-esteem.
      Psychological Effects of Excessive Smartphone Usage on Adolescent Girls | medtigo

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