What factors contribute to higher burnout rates among female healthcare professionals compared to males?

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  • Women face immense pressure to succeed at home and in the workplace.
  • Disparities in pay, promotion opportunities, and respect from colleagues and superiors.
  • Balancing long working hours and multiple shifts beside family responsibilities.
  • Women take on more administrative tasks and emotional labor compared to their male counterparts.
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      Amit KumarAmit Kumar

      A recent study reveals that women employed in healthcare professions experience notably higher levels of stress and burnout compared to men in similar roles. These women face immense pressure to excel both in their professional and personal lives, often leading to detrimental effects such as toxic stress, occupational burnout, depression, anxiety, and even thoughts of suicide. Female healthcare workers frequently contend with lengthy work hours, multiple shifts, and the challenge of juggling job demands with familial responsibilities like childcare, household chores, and other duties typically shouldered by women.
      Women in health care face significantly higher burnout rates compared to their male colleagues, finds review (medicalxpress.com)

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