How does reheated cooking oil accelerate brain damage?

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  • Reheating oil not only adds calories but also depletes antioxidants.
  • Reheated oil increases cholesterol levels, posing a potential cardiometabolic risk.
  • Reheated oil disrupts the vital gut-brain-liver axis, affecting neurological health.
  • High temperatures create trans-fats that damage neurons, increasing the risk of neurodegenerative diseases.
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      According to a report, approximately 7 million adults aged 65 in the US suffer from Alzheimer’s. In the recent rat study, a link between long term consumption of reused refined oil and increase in neurodegeneration was found. It was concluded that using heated oil might increase neurodegeneration by disturbing the liver-gut-brain axis which is crucial for maintaining physiological balance. Deep frying is a common cooking method followed globally and the consumption rate is beyond explanation. Previous studies have also found a link between deep fried food and certain cancers. However few researchers have examined effects of consuming reheated cooking oils on polyunsaturated fatty acids metabolism and development of diseases. 

      The research team organized female rats into five groups and fed them a normal diet with a normal diet supplemented with sesame oil, unheated sunflower oil, reheated sunflower and sesame oil daily for a period of 30 days. This was done to observe conditions of consuming reuse deep frying oil. Consumption of regular diets with reheated oil also leads to brain damage highlighting risk of neurological diseases.

      Study Links Reheated Cooking Oil to Increased Neurodegeneration Risk | medtigo

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