Healthcare Workers: Stories from the Frontlines

medtigo supports doctors and nurses, that is what we do.  Founded by doctors, we are dedicated to offering support to our community during this difficult time.  

During this Thanksgiving season, we wanted to share stories of hardship, but also stories of hope and perseverance. We hope these articles bring a smile to your face during this difficult time.  


1. COVID-19: 5 inspiring stories from the front lines | Coalition to Protect America’s Health Care

Read the inspiring stories of health care providers on the front lines.               

Love in the time of Corona. Weddings have been put on hold for those on the frontline of this pandemic. Protect Healthcare shares the story of one couple who decided to skip the honeymoon and care for patients. Read this and more.


2. Powerful Stories Shared by Doctors and Nurses Fighting the Coronavirus Pandemic

Healthcare professionals who are bravely battling COVID-19 are sharing their own stories to inspire hope as they continue their fight.               

For doctors and nurses on the frontlines, keeping their families safe is their number one priority. People Magazine shares incredible stories from nurses and doctors battling this pandemic. Kyle McBride, a registered nurse, has made the choice to self-isolate from his family in order to protect them from the virus. The poignant photo of him and his daughter drives home the enormity of the sacrifice.  Read this and more.


3. “Are We Heroes? No, We Are Not”—Healthcare Workers on Fighting COVID and the Pain of Watching People Die Alone

A year since the first case of COVID-19 was found in China, doctors and nurses spoke to Newsweek about the realities of battling a new disease.

The realities of the corona virus pandemic are devastating. As the world continues to battle this horrible virus, Newsweek shares the realities of what doctors and nurses are facing on the frontlines. Cathlyn Robinson, a nurse and clinical education specialist from New Jersey, says, “We had all heard about COVID-19, but no one really knew what it would be like. Every patient was different and patients were suffering in a way that none of us had ever seen before. And despite our best efforts, patients were dying.” Read this and more


medtigo wants to recognize every Healthcare worker who has put their patients above all else. Whether you sit down to a Thanksgiving meal with your family this year, or spend time with your patients that need you, we are thankful for your commitment to your profession. 

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