How to Choose an Online ACLS Provider

Over the past few years, increasing numbers of healthcare professionals have undertaken ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) certification and recertification courses. The upsurge can be attributed to the expanding workforce in the medical sector, causing a heightened need for essential skills in handling neurologic and cardiovascular emergencies. ACLS courses are open to emergency care personnel, respiratory therapists, intensive care workers, nurses, and physicians, among other personnel involved in emergency cardiovascular care. While in-person classes used to be the only options for ACLS training, online classes now cover the same content as does in-person coursework. Even so, not all ACLS training that is provided via an online platform will fit your own needs.

Below are some aspects you should consider as you research different online ACLS training platforms.


It is quite important to compare price as you research online ACLS training platforms. While the cost of ACLS online certification or recertification may run to $169-$175 for some platforms, the courses are free on medtigo Connect. The fact that ACLS certification online from medtigo Connect is free does not mean that the coursework on this platform is below par. The classes cover everything you need to know to in order for you to effectively handle a cardiovascular or neurologic emergency.


You should ideally settle on an ACLS certification that is accepted everywhere. In addition to considering whether or not your employer will accept the credentials from your free online ACLS course, it is best to settle for a training platform that is recognized nationwide and overseas, as is true of medtigo Connect. This maximizes the benefits of your certification or recertification.


The AHA {American Heart Association} has not yet accredited any ACLS course that is offered as a fully online class. Even so, the curriculum that is used within the online platform you choose should be evidence-based and should conform with the latest AHA guidelines. To know whether the online platform you choose relies on materials that comply with AHA and industry standards, you can check out the platform’s FAQ page. High-quality training platforms such as medtigo Connect also typically indicate that their online first-time ACLS certification courses and their recertification courses are audited by leading qualified medical experts. This means that medtigo Connect’s online offering is among the best, and is one you can trust.

Customer Support

Responsive customer support that can help you with any issues that arise during your ACLS online training is among the most important of considerations that should guide your choice of provider. Although online learning is extremely convenient, the experience can be marred by technical issues. Opt for a training platform with a contact phone number, email address, and/or website chat feature through which you can reach customer care 24/7. This will make your training much easier.

With a focus on the above elements, your choice of a training platform for ACLS certification and recertification will be optimized. Remember that the course will build upon what you have already learned in the BLS (Basic Life Support) course. Therefore, you should complete BLS training before you sign up for ACLS first-time certification.

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