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BREAKING NEWS: Hope Fades In Ukraine As Humanitarian Aid Dwindles

Even while the Russian bombardment continues, the amount of humanitarian aid entering Ukraine is begun to decline, according to Ukrainian Deputy Health Minister Oleksii Iaremenko.

According to US News, Iaremenko expressed his gratitude to the international community for the support supplied so far during the delivery of medical equipment coordinated by Direct charity Relief in a cargo warehouse near Warsaw’s Chopin airport.

Metal beds, gauze, asthma inhalers, and oxygen concentrators were among the items in the consignment heading for Ukraine. But, Iaremenko added, more help was sorely required, and he urged other organizations to help.

“In the previous week, we’ve noticed a slight decrease in humanitarian assistance. We hope there will be a halt to finding new resources, as Russian aggression is rising and civilians are being bombed. ” Iaremenko told Reuters about it.

“What we’re asking is that if you can help, help right now,” he stated. “Don’t put it off for weeks or months; we need your help right now.”

According to the United Nations, the fighting in Ukraine has generated a humanitarian disaster, displacing an estimated 10 million people, or about a quarter of the country’s population.

Moscow claims to be waging a “special military operation” to demilitarise and “denazify” its neighbor but denies that people are being targeted.

Ukraine and its Western allies describe Russia’s activities as an unprovoked invasion.


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