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Discrimination Against Ukrainians Renews Debate On Health Measure At U.S.-Mexico Border

A Ukrainian family was let into the United States on March 10 after being repeatedly denied entry by Border Patrol agents at the US-Mexico border, reigniting debate about a public health precaution that keeps migrants out.

According to US News, border guards first turned away a Ukrainian woman and her children based on Title 42, a Trump-era immigration policy.

As COVID-19 infections began to rise in the United States in 2020, Trump administration authorities applied a part of the US public health law to keep migrants out. However, proponents of immigrants have repeatedly pleaded with the Biden administration to overturn the ban, but unsuccessful.

Officials in the Biden administration have stated that because it is a health measure rather than an immigration policy, they look to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for direction. The CDC announced on March 12 that the action would be phased out for unaccompanied minors but not for adults.

After an outcry from politicians, border agents permitted the Ukrainian family to enter.

“We are going to welcome Ukrainian migrants with open arms if they come all the way here,” President Joe Biden told an audience at the House Democratic Caucus Issues Conference on March 11.

However, he did not detail how they will be admitted or what this would mean for those migrants at the southern border who want to enter but cannot do so due to various obstacles.

Since Russia’s war on Ukraine on February 24, 2.5 million people have fled the East European country. According to a top UN official, the “biggest increasing refugee problem in Europe since World War II,” according to a top UN official. There are no statistics on how many people arrived at the US-Mexico border due to Russia’s attacks.

The bulk of Ukrainians has fled to Poland and other neighboring nations. According to news sources, the Ukrainian family admitted into the United States ran via Moldova, Romania, and Mexico City. They then proceeded to the southern border of the United States, hoping to enter through a point of entry near California and stay with family.

According to Reuters, from October 2021 to January of this year, US Customs and Border Protection saw a rise in Ukrainians at the southern border with Mexico seeking asylum in the United States. Russians began requesting asylum simultaneously, citing political repression as a reason.

Catholic organizations have been vocal opponents of Title 42, even though COVID-19 infection rates have plummeted across the country. Some detractors claim it’s about immigration control rather than a public health problem.

The Catholic Social Justice Lobby Network will hold a vigil outside the CDC’s Washington office on March 21 in the early afternoon to repeal Title 42 for all.


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