There is still a sign of relief in the sights of bloodshed and conflict, where lives are no longer matter. Despite the war, the medicines and treatment of HIV and opioid addictions are still in Ukraine.

Thanks to the Alliance for Public Health, the required medicines and other treatment-related equipment are reaching the needy. It is a US-backed group working for more than twenty years now.

According to Andriy Klepikov, the organization’s Executive Director, they were prepared to serve during the conflict, but they didn’t expect the competition at this level. He said that stopping the aid was not an option when the war broke out, Associated Press reports.

The data says that Ukraine has one of the highest HIV cases in Europe. According to the officials, about 100,000 citizens had HIV before the war. Also, about 17,000 citizens were taking treatment for opioid addiction.

The war has affected the system badly, and the supply chain of medical equipment and medicines cannot reach maximum patients. Dr. Ezra Barzilay, CDC’s Country Director for Ukraine, says that efforts have been made to restock Ukraine’s supply.

Two big factories that made drugs for opioid addiction treatment were destroyed in the bombings. It has made the situation more challenging. The WHO had already announced earlier this month that there would be an acute shortage of medical oxygen in Ukraine, reported by the Associated Press.

Meanwhile, the efforts of the organization Alliance for Public Health have been quite appreciable. The fleet of the organization’s vans delivers required medicines and other equipment even in the worst affected areas by the war. Also, they drive injured civilians and other personnel to hospitals.

Klepikov says that Ukrainians have a strong will, and they are doing their best to defend themselves. He may not be the best in the battle business, but as a medical worker, he is doing all he can, Klepikov says.

The CDC has invested a considerable amount in the cause. They have a dedicated plan for HIV called the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief. The organization has quite an old relationship with the US.

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