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    medtigo Licensing Service

    Nationwide Healthcare Provider Licensing Services

    Have our staff help you apply for any State medical license. Our experienced team knows how to deal with the State licensing boards. Our team will complete the initial application, obtain source documents and help you get your license in the quickest possible time. Don’t put your livelihood and reputation at risk by going it alone.

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    Core Features
    • Eligibility Determination
    • Credentials Review
    • Credentials Verification
    • Online Certificate Tracker and On-demand Access
    • Application Completion


    It is my true pleasure to testify to the quality of the service I have experienced with medtigo. Everyone I was ever in contact with has been nothing but kind, accommodating, capable, prompt, approachable, respectful, professional and a treat to talk to.. Without doubt or hesitation, I would (and indeed have on quite few occasions already) recommended them to other physicians.

    Polina Inkoulova, MD
    Internal Medicine
    Critical Care

    medtigo has a great, supportive administrative staff that help with all aspects of licensing and credentialing. The team is really professional and know how to help you succeed in this new role.

    Internal Medicine

    The medtigo administrative staff has been great in helping me create a flexible schedule that works for me and with all the steps needed to get credentialed at the various hospitals.

    Domenick Sciaruto, MD
    Internal Medicine

    Professional and Experienced Team

    Our staff works with all state medical boards and knows what they need

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    Get certified with transparent pricing and no gimmicks

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    Excellent Customer Service

    You are not just an intake form to us, you are our community of healthcare providers


    Who can use your service?

    Any MD, DO, PA, APRN, or CRNA can utilize our licensing service!

    What is the price of the service? Are there any other fees for which I am responsible?

    The service price is $599 for a physician license and $299 for an APP license. The application fee for a nursing license is $149. Other fees may include but are not limited to: State medical board application fee, criminal background check, fingerprinting, notarization of documents, or verification fees.

    Why should I hire medtigo rather than doing it myself?

    medtigo’s service is more than just convenience. We offer peace of mind when you trust us to apply for your state license. We will do the job efficiently and quickly, so your license is approved as soon as possible. You are guaranteed to start your first shift on time by using our service. Don’t worry about making poor first impressions on your new colleagues or losing out on a month or longer of pay! We will make sure you start when you are needed and without any headaches on your end.

    After I receive my license, can you help me with my DEA and controlled substance registration?

    Yes, we can!

    What if I'm only looking for a renewal of my license?

    Not a problem, we can help with that too!

    What prerequisites are needed?

    You will work with our licensing team to collect all of your credentials needed for the process. Once we gather these, we will upload them to our certificate management module – Tracker – within our Connect platform. The Tracker module will keep your documents organized and even track renewal dates for you!

    Can you give me an overview of the medical licensing process?

    • You will connect with our licensing team via email and phone call to provide them with specific details about which license and the timeframe you are looking to obtain the license.
    • Our team will then send you an itemized invoice and the list of credentials needed to complete the process for you.
    • Once you have submitted your credentials, our team will complete the process for you, sending you the completed application for signatures.
    • We will then apply on your behalf to the State board. We will be the ones to keep in touch with the State board until your license is approved.
    • We will stay in constant communication with you throughout the process to keep you informed of your application status.

    What documents will I need to collect to send to medtigo licensing service?

    While each state has its own requirements, these are the typical documents you should have ready for us to start on your application:

    • CV (in month/year format with an explanation of any gaps)
    • Medical School Diploma
    • Post-Graduate Training Certificate(s)
    • Board Certification Certificate or eligibility status
    • ECFMG Certificate (if applicable)
    • Malpractice insurance face sheets
    • Passport or government-issued ID
    • Any current or former state medical licenses