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2-Minute Spurts of Strenuous Movement May Extend Life Span: Study

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According to The Morning Telegraph, most people want to exercise more regularly to improve their health and life expectancy, but at the same time, they find it challenging to find the time. A recent study, on the other hand, reveals that people might need two minutes every day to attain the objective of a healthy lifestyle.  

Twenty minutes of intense exercise per week lowered the risk of heart disease by 40%, and 15 minutes per week reduced the risk of all-cause death by 15%.  

According to the study’s description in the European Heart Journal, researchers gathered data on 71,893 people from the UK Biobank, which they describe as “a large-scale biological database and research resource, comprising in-depth genetic and health information from half a million UK participants.”  

The participants, aged 40 to 69 and free of cancer and cardiovascular disease, were each given a wearable device that assessed their activity levels and classified them as vigorous, moderate, or mild.  

According to Ahmadi, “this is the first to explore the health-enhancing elements of severe physical exercise,” and it is one of the largest wearable device-based (research) ever carried out.  

Compared to moderate exercise, defined as activities that raise the heart rate but do not leave the participant gasping for air, vigorous exercise includes sprints, high-intensity interval training, swimming, or cycling at high speeds.  

According to the findings, individuals who did not participate in the strenuous physical exercise had a 4% higher chance of dying within five years. This risk was cut in half with just 10 minutes of VPA per week, and it was cut in half again with 60 minutes per week.  

Recent research has revealed that even brief (2-minute) spurts of strenuous Movement can lower mortality risk, cancer, and heart disease. Moderate quantities of strenuous physical exercise per week are beneficial to health. According to professional accounts, incorporating modest exercise sessions into your daily routine may have long-term health advantages. 

Regular physical activity has been linked to a decreased risk of acquiring various chronic diseases and disorders. However, a recent study published in the European Heart Journal looks into the best frequency and duration of exercise for health advantages.  


The experiment included 71,893 people who did not have cardiovascular disease or cancer. The subjects in the UK Biobank study ranged in age from 40 to 69. Participants’ histories of high-intensity exercise were used to compare mortality rates (from all causes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer). 

To be in shape, you must understand the difference between light and strenuous exercise. According to the study’s criteria, moderate exercise is an activity that raises heart rate but does not result in total fatigue (Reliable Source).  

However, when conducting the strenuous physical exercise, one’s heart rate rises, and it may be necessary to pause for a breath before finishing a statement. Sprints, high-intensity interval training, fast swimming, and fast cycling are examples of intense exercise. Researchers discovered that people who exercised more intensively had a lower risk of all adverse outcomes.  

Those aged 20-39 who had not engaged in strenuous physical exercise in the previous five years had a 4% increase in death risk. Those who engaged in strenuous activity for 60 minutes or more per week lowered their risk of mortality from 2% to 1%, whereas those who engaged in such activity for less than 10 minutes per week reduced their stake from 50% to 2%. 





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