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3 Women Die In Nepal Daily While Giving Birth

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The 21st century is the most advanced period of human civilization, yet there are places where the situation is not too good. In Nepal, three women die daily or give stillbirth every day.

The Himalayan nation sees a rising death among expecting mothers. The situation is worse in remote areas. More women faced this problem during the pandemic, says an Al Jazeera report.

One of the biggest reasons for this is the challenging physical terrain of the Himalayan nation. Steep slopes and scattered settlements make it difficult for people to access proper healthcare facilities.

Nepal has been trying to improve its maternal healthcare facilities for several years by improving roads and infrastructure for clinics and training a vast healthcare workforce in far-flung areas. Still, the death rate is on the rise.

Also, during the pandemic, people were afraid to take medical help, and they preferred to deliver babies at home. Midwives are still preferred over professional healthcare workers in remote, isolated areas.

The government’s new initiatives include starting emergency healthcare services to reach isolated remote areas that are not served well. This includes building small healthcare facilities with trained medical staff, providing more medical equipment, and chopper service.

The military has been given the task to airlift women with severe conditions from remote areas and take them to a proper healthcare facility. This emergency service acted as a lifesaver for many women.

This service was started about four years ago, and more than three hundred pregnant women having critical issues were timely rescued, Al Jazeera reports.

According to many senior pilots involved in this emergency service, flying in Nepal is challenging because of the hilly terrain and overcast conditions. This makes the task for the pilots a bit more complicated.

To promote women to deliver their babies under proper facilities, the government has started giving $30 for every childbirth in the government healthcare facilities. It is believed that people would shift to professional medical help rather than depending on the midwives.

Before 2000, maternal mortality was quite worse in Nepal. The Himalayan nation did a lot to improve this condition. In the previous two decades, the maternal mortality rate decreased rapidly. But the COVID pandemic reversed the situation.

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