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Adenovirus The Likely Cause For Hepatitis Among Children

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Last week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued an alert for all the physicians and healthcare workers about the unknown reason for hepatitis among children. 

The cases were reported in the UK and other parts of Europe. The United Kingdom Health Security Agency believes that the sudden rise in hepatitis cases among children is because of adenovirus. 

According to health officials in the UK, there are several pieces of evidence that show the sudden rise in hepatitis cases is because of the adenovirus. Till now, 169 cases and one death have been recorded globally because of hepatitis. 114 children became ill with the disease in the UK, and at least 10 needed a liver transplant, as reported by the BBC. 

According to Dr. Meera Chand, director of clinical and emerging infections at UKHSA, the initial research and investigations deliberately suggest that the rise in hepatitis is linked to adenovirus, but the agency is thoroughly examining other probable causes as well. The F41 strain of the virus is the probable cause, she added. 

According to the data that has been given by various health departments of the nations where this infection is seen, most of the children affected with the virus are 5 or below. The infection is causing diarrhoea, jaundice, and yellow eyes. 

Many health experts believe that because of the pandemic, young children were forced to remain indoors and were not exposed to the virus initially. And they are exposed to the virus a bit later in their lives, which leads to the immune system responding vigorously. 

Dr. Chand says that cases like these are rare, but one must know the signs and symptoms of it, which include feeling unusually tired all the time, tummy pain, dark urine, itchy skin, and muscle and joint pain. 

As far as the COVID vaccine-related issue is concerned, the experts say that none of the children had received any of the COVID vaccines, the BBC reports. 

Moreover, they believe that till the time the exact reasons are discovered, parents and doctors must be very aware of the situation, and children must maintain hygiene and regularly wash their hands. 


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