Alcohol’s Link to Breast Cancer Remains Unknown to Many

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alcohol and breast cancer risk awareness

These days many people have started drinking alcohol very casually. They do not know it can badly affect their health. But drinking alcohol is very dangerous and can increase the risk of many health complications and even cancer. Drinking alcohol increases the risk of breast cancer by almost 5% to 9%. But the World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism recently have revealed that many women who drink alcohol do not know about this risk. 

Researchers wanted to find out how many women actually know about this risk. So, they conducted a study in 2021 to find out the exact number. In this study, researchers involved almost 5000 women in the U.S. These women were above 18 years. These women answered some questions about their drinking habits and other health complications. Researchers also asked them whether they know the risk of breast cancer or not.  

When researchers observed the collected data, they found that very few of them knew that drinking alcohol increases the risk of the development of breast cancer. They found that 35% of them did not even believe that drinking alcohol increases this risk.   On the other hand, another 40% were not ready to accept it at all. Researchers think that this is because of their age and education.  

Researchers and health officials tried to spread this information to reduce the risk of breast cancer. But they could not spread this information to many people. Because people already believe some myths about the benefits of drinking alcohol. So, many people were not even ready to accept that drinking alcohol is very dangerous for their health.   

The data clearly shows that many people still do not know that drinking alcohol increases the risk of breast cancer. There is a need to make some effective strategies such as arranging educational campaigns to stop it. Many women are drinking alcohol without knowing the risk. So, healthcare professionals also tell them to stop it earlier as it is very dangerous for their health.