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Biden Administration To Appeal Federal Judge’s COVID Mask Mandates

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After a federal judge’s decision struck down the mask mandates on public transportation, the Biden administration is considering an appeal against this decision, officials announced. 

The Department of Justice filed a notice to appeal after US District Judge Kathryn Kimball of Florida concluded that the mandates exceeded the statutory authority of the CDC. The ruling sparked days of debate within the administration about next steps, as reported by the Washington Post. 

On Tuesday, the Justice Department said that if the CDC thinks that the mask orders are still needed, then the Justice Department would proceed with an appeal. 

The White House took two days to formulate its legal strategy. Moreover, it’s the midterm election year, and many Americans are in favor of removing mask-mandates and moving past the pandemic. 

Many health officials worry that the ruling poses a threat to the authority of the CDC – affecting its ability to suggest cautionary procedures in the future.  

Some health experts believe that if the decision stands, then the CDC will always be shy to exercise its power and there will be less trust among the masses for decisions made by it.  

The Biden administration has had limited success in defending CDC’s ef to control the spread of the coronavirus.  

Justice Mizelle was appointed by former President Trump. In their upcoming appeal, the Biden administration could ask for an immediate hold on Mizelle’s judgment. Many policy experts believe that if their plan is successful, it will create confusion and chaos among passengers using public transport, the Washington Post reports. 

Even if the masks are not made mandatory during traveling, it doesn’t mean that masking doesn’t protect against the spread of the virus. Many health experts believe that Mizelle’s ruling has confused many Americans about whether to wear a mask or not and whether masks protect individuals from the virus or not. 

It would be hard for the federal government to appeal against the federal judge’s ruling because only 50% of Americans have confidence in the CDC and other public health organisations regarding their policies on COVID-19, says Pew Research polling. 


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