Breaking News- Bird Flu Found At 6th Indiana Farm, Confirms State Officials - medtigo


Breaking News- Bird Flu Found At 6th Indiana Farm, Confirms State Officials

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The Omicron wave of the coronavirus is fading, but fears rise for another virus. The state officials said avian influenza had been found at a 6th poultry farm in Southern Indiana.

On Tuesday, the Indiana State Board of Animal Health said that Lab testing of a fourth commercial turkey flock had been found positive for the virus in Dubois county. The United States Department of Agriculture’s National Veterinary Services Laboratory in Iowa examines the samples.

Earlier, Dubois county detected three cases, and two cases were detected in Greene County. Apart from that, cases of bird flu were detected in Michigan and a zoo as well.

The awaiting test results would make the situation clearer about the virus strain and how contagious the virus is. Moreover, the Animal Health Board officials said they had contacted the local poultry farm owners to test the birds.

According to the Animal Health Board, avian influenza doesn’t directly threaten humans. Moreover, not a single human case has been of avian influenza detected in the country yet. But many experts say that it has the potential to affect humans.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, the turkey infection in Indiana was the first highly pathogenic bird flu case in commercial poultry.

A similar situation erupted in 2016 when 11 poultry farms got affected by bird flu. It was estimated that more than four hundred thousand birds were lost because of the flu.

The flu indeed puts a threat to humans. Although there has not been a single recorded case yet, according to the authorities, the poultry farm owners and authorities must not take this lightly. 

If a situation similar to 2016 erupts, it will affect the local healthcare and economy. Indiana is currently the third-highest producer of turkey in the country.

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