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BREAKING NEWS: Child Dies of Mysterious Hepatitis Outbreak

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The number of cases due to a mysterious hepatitis have been increasing every week. The global outbreak of hepatitis in otherwise healthy children has led to the first hepatitis-related death among American children. 

According to the latest data and reported by ABC News, at least 4 children were severely ill because of the disease and required a liver transplant. 

So far, more than twenty cases have been detected in six states of the country. Health officials are trying to identify if the cases have anything in common. But it is hard to say what is causing the outbreak exactly, say the health officials. 

Dr. Philippa Easterbrook of the World Health Organization says that most of the children detected with the disease were previously healthy. Hepatitis in children is majorly caused by contaminated food and water. But in this case, food contamination is not the case. 

Earlier this week, health officials in the UK said that there are strong pieces of evidence that the adenovirus might be the reason behind this mysterious hepatitis outbreak among children. 

Doctors in Alabama are trying to identify if 9 of these children got sick of hepatitis because of the adenovirus. The virus is known for causing colds, but it rarely causes hepatitis. 

On the other hand, the WHO has denied any connection between adenovirus and hepatitis. The organization says that it would be premature to say that there are any connections between the adenovirus and hepatitis as more than half of the global cases of hepatitis were tested negative for adenovirus. 

Moreover, there were speculations of the covid vaccine being the cause of this hepatitis outbreak. But scientists say that every year, there are cases of unexpected hepatitis among children, but there is no link between covid vaccine and hepatitis as most children are not vaccinated, as reported by ABC News. 

Experts suggest that till the time the exact reason is found, parents and physicians must carefully pay attention to the symptoms. Also, parents must ensure that their wards are maintaining hygiene and washing their hands regularly. 


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