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BREAKING NEWS: WHO Estimates 15 Million COVID-related Deaths Globally

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According to the World Health Organization and as reported by the Washington Post, about 15 million people died during the pandemic. The number includes the deaths because of covid-19 and other reasons that occurred because of it such as the unavailability of medical facilities as hospitals were overwhelmed due to covid.  

The WHO says that these excess deaths are the difference between the actual deaths during the pandemic and the expected deaths based on the data from previous years. 

The WHO’s director-general, Tedros Adhanom, says that the data doesn’t highlight the impacts of the pandemic, but it should be a lesson for all the nations to invest more in their healthcare systems to act efficiently during healthcare crises. 

According to the WHO estimate, about two-thirds of total deaths occurred in just 10 countries, including the US. The US is nearing 1 million confirmed deaths because of COVID-19. This figure doesn’t include those who didn’t get the treatment. 

Steven H. Woolf, director emeritus and senior advisor to the Center on Society and Health at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine, says the United States performed the worst among high-income developed nations. 

Access to these deaths allows healthcare workers and leaders to understand more about the real impact of the pandemic.  

A lot of these deaths are still unrecorded in many countries. One of the biggest countries that hasn’t provided proper data to the WHO was India. India faced one of the hardest coronavirus waves in the whole world. The figure given by the WHO was about 10 times more than the government’s data. 

The Indian government released the data this week that shows that there was an 11 percent increase in deaths in 2020 as compared to two previous years, the Washington Post reports. 

The excess mortality data released by the WHO is divided into regions and nations among categories, including age and sex. 

The WHO will continue to work with the member nations and compile the data to create a clearer figure for pandemic deaths in the subsequent months. 

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