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Contracting Covid May Increase Chances of Stroke: Study

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According to News18, this warning should not be taken lightly, given the link between COVID-19 and thrombotic vascular events. This problem occurs when an artery or vein clot hinders normal blood flow. It can cause a heart attack, a mini-stroke, critical limb ischemia, pulmonary embolism, and stroke, to name a few potentially fatal disorders.  

Dr. Harlan Krumholz of Yale University School of Medicine is concerned about two variants of prolonged COVID-19. Overt chronic fatigue syndrome is distinguished by the persistence of viral symptoms such as lethargy. In contrast, indications of recovery determine covert chronic fatigue syndrome despite the continuation of high risk for outcomes such as blood clots and strokes.  

He feels we’ll be alright for the most part, and he doesn’t want to create too much concern. However, recent research has shown that this illness does raise the risk of blood clots, strokes, and heart attacks in certain people. Even though most people will have had COVID-19 by now, keep an eye out for warning signs such as chest pain, unusual swelling, numbness, weakness, and fast changes in your sense of balance, speech, or vision.  

In the spring of 2020, the COVID-19 virus was connected to fatal strokes in young individuals for the first time. Some experts believe that the cardiovascular system may be vulnerable to COVID-19 infections in addition to the lungs. Recent, larger-scale studies have demonstrated that COVID-19 disorders put everyone at risk. This explains the startlingly high stroke frequency among people in their twenties and thirties. Those who smoked cigarettes had high blood pressure or diabetes and were at a much higher risk. 

Heart, a journal affiliated with the British Medical Journal, tracked 54,000 people in the UK for 4.5 months and discovered that infected people were 2.7 times more likely to have venous thromboembolism (a potentially fatal blood clot).  

Throughout the study period, infected patients had a 10-fold greater likelihood of dying from any cause than non-infected people, including those who got the virus but did not develop severe symptoms warranting hospitalization. As the experiment continued, hospitalization due to COVID-19 was linked with a mortality risk of about 100 times that of the general population.  

According to new research published in Neurosurgery, strokes in infected people are more likely to be severe and complex to treat surgically. Despite its critical role in our immune response, many specialists believe chronic inflammation is the root cause of long-term damage.  

Despite its seeming lack of relevance to politics, the threat of heart disease has been politicized in the aftermath of the pandemic. During a 2020 CNN interview in which he presented preliminary findings and effects from his study, Jabbour claimed, “You can’t imagine the assaults I got.” Others disseminate suspicions that China’s continuous, harsh lockdowns are part of a broader scheme to defeat the West as widespread, long-term COVID-19 harms our workforce. In contrast, still, others refuse to admit that COVID-19 may have long-term consequences.  

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has affected specific people, even though most afflicted persons have recovered completely. Understanding the impact of a disease takes time, high-quality research, and a large number of cases; this understanding is only beginning to emerge in countries with the most severe outbreaks. Regardless of how you feel, remember that a past COVID-19 infection, like excessive cholesterol, is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease.  





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