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FDA Committee Approves New COVID-19 Vaccination Strategy

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According to NPR, the FDA’s advisory group unanimously approved a proposal to standardize the United States’ approach to COVID-19 vaccination. Future guidelines ask for interoperability between different COVID-19 vaccines so that a person can utilize any manufacturer’s primary or booster vaccination and be protected against the same strain of the virus. The final vote count was 21 in favor and 0 against.  

On Thursday, a vaccine advisory group to the Food and Drug Administration suggested that the primary and booster doses of the COVID-19 vaccine be matched so that all injections would include the revised bivalent dosage. The VRBPAC was advised on Thursday that the bivalent injection should replace the original coronavirus vaccination, rendering all COVID-19 injections biologically similar.  

The SARS-CoV-2 bivalent mRNA vaccine is made up of the original strain as well as the BA.4 and BA.5 omicron subvariants. The booster was officially approved for use in September. Bivalent boosters have been administered in newborns as young as six months since their approval. This vaccine can only be administered at least two months since the last primary series immunization or prior monovalent booster dose.  

The committee also examined (but did not vote on) instituting a yearly COVID immunization schedule similar to the one already in place for the flu vaccine in the United States. In this instance, doctors may advise being vaccinated once a year in the fall to protect against whatever strain is most likely to be prevalent that winter. This would relieve Americans of the stress of remembering when and how frequently they had got injections.  

The revision’s goal is to simplify and clarify the immunization procedure. The ultimate objective is to increase the proportion of the population that receives vaccinations. “Because of [the coronavirus’] fast evolution, we’ve been required to change our strategy over time, and we’re now in a decent situation to reflect on the development of the COVID-19 vaccines to date to see if we can simplify the approach to vaccination,” stated Dr. Peter Marks at the start of the discussion.  

His long-term aims include “simplifying the process of optimally vaccinating and protecting the general population,” he noted. Even though the most current bivalent COVID booster protects against both the wild-type virus and omicron BA.5, data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that barely 15% of the US population has gotten it. The elderly have a more significant need for the booster than any other age group, yet just 40% have received it.  

“What we’re doing right now is unsustainable. To put it simply, we must go forward.” This comment was issued by Dr. Bruce Gellin, head of global public health policy at the Rockefeller Foundation and an ex officio member of the committee. This is an acceptable strategy.  

According to Marks, an FDA official, the government is displeased with the “lackluster” outcomes of the booster’s introduction. The panel ruled that the present methodology for giving COVID immunizations should be changed.  

“Today’s judgment is a big practical gain for the American people as we transition from a pandemic to an endemic phase. This would be excellent for the population’s health.” Dr. Ofer Levy, a pediatric infectious disease expert at Harvard, issued a statement.  

Following their decision, the committee met to examine how they might enhance their immunization plan. All advisors agreed that public forums should be held to determine which strains should be included in the vaccinations. The FDA would finalize the winning strains and issue production orders to firms shortly after these sessions.  


The objective is to vaccinate against the most contagious strains of coronavirus during the winter. Due to the fast growth of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, some panel members have advocated conducting meetings more frequently than once a year, as is the case with the flu vaccination.  

While FDA spokesperson Marks stated, “This isn’t flu,” he did suggest that the agency may look to the precedent set by the alterations made to the flu vaccine. He suggested that an advisory council convene annually to discuss issues such as which viruses should be included in a vaccine and how they should be chosen. 

The Food and Drug Administration advises that everyone get immunized with a single dose in the autumn. Some patients, such as the elderly, the very young, and those with impaired immune systems, may require many injections at varied intervals.  

“In general, the group was supportive of moving forward with this,” said Dr. Stanley Perlman, a University of Iowa coronavirus expert and the committee’s interim leader.

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