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Hospitals In France Failing To retain Medical Staff

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A medical crisis is starting to develop in most French hospitals. Hospitals are losing their nurses and doctors, and this trend is popular among hospitals all across the country. 

The biggest reason for the hospitals not being able to retain the staff is low wages and tough working conditions. The healthcare systems in France were already overwhelmed, and the COVID pandemic made the situation worse for the healthcare workers, especially in the first wave, as reported by France 24. 

The doctors and nurses that are currently working are bearing the pressure. Most of the doctors and nurses are compelled to work overtime and sometimes have to do two shifts continuously. 

According to Dr. Jeremy Monteiro, who works as an Emergency Physician at a medical facility in Marseille, earlier, doctors were attending to about 30 patients daily now, but that number has risen to 50-55. 

The situation is similar in other cities as well. A hospital in Paris is now left with half the required nurses. The hospital is running short of at least 16 nurses, says Daniele Virginius, a nurse working at the facility. Because of the lack of healthcare workers, the facility is now compelled to shut its emergency services, France 24 reports. 

With such a scarcity of medical workers, hospitals are now trying to recruit international doctors to start working immediately. 


Traditionally, the number of patient influx increases in summers. Summers have already started, and the lack of physicians in healthcare facilities is indeed an alarming concern for the authorities. 

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