Life-Changing Facelift Transforms Dog

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In a heartwarming tale from Dublin, Ireland, a three-year-old Basset Hound named Chief recently underwent life-changing plastic surgery to address issues with his vision. Chief’s journey towards improved sight highlights the dedication of his owner, Tracey McDermott, and the skillful work of veterinary surgeon Mike Woods at the Primrose Hill Veterinary Hospital. 

From a young age, it was evident that Chief’s eyes were unusually droopy, a common trait among Basset Hounds but more pronounced in his case. As Chief grew, his vision became increasingly compromised, causing confusion when his name was called. His large, saggy eyelids obstructed his view of the world, making it difficult for him to engage with his surroundings. 

Moreover, Chief’s eyes were not only droopy but also dry and sore, a painful condition that needed urgent attention. Recognizing that her beloved pet’s quality of life was at stake, Tracey McDermott decided it was time to take action. 

According to Fox News, McDermott brought Chief to the Primrose Hill Veterinary Hospital in Dublin, where veterinary surgeon Mike Woods embarked on a five-hour plastic surgery procedure to alleviate Chief’s vision troubles. This surgery involved the removal of excess skin from Chief’s neck and the careful repositioning of his eyelids and eyebrows. 

Basset Hounds, as a breed, are known for their distinctive and often low-slung eyes, which contribute to their unique appearance and sometimes give them a mournful expression, as noted by the American Kennel Club (AKC). Standing no taller than 14 inches, Basset Hounds are characterized by powerful short legs, massive paws, and a domed head. Beyond their physical traits, these dogs are renowned for their exceptional loyalty. 

Chief’s surgery was no small feat, but under the skilled hands of Dr. Mike Woods, it proved successful. During the procedure, excess skin from Chief’s neck was meticulously removed, and the tension of the skin around his eyelids was adjusted to rectify the droopiness that had been affecting his sight for so long. 

Dr. Woods reflected on the surgery, describing it as long and challenging, but ultimately a resounding success. At Chief’s three-week post-operation check-up, the veterinary surgeon reported that Chief was healing exceptionally well, and most importantly, he was now able to see clearly. “The best news is that Chief is now visual, as he no longer has any skin folds obstructing his vision,” Dr. Woods happily exclaimed. 

Tracey McDermott echoed this sentiment, expressing her relief and joy at seeing Chief’s quality of life dramatically improved following the surgery. She recalled that Chief had always been a happy dog who adapted to life despite his vision problems. Now, with his sight restored, Chief was not only thriving but also reconnecting with his human family in a more profound way. 

“He was always a happy dog who got on with life in his own way despite the problems he had — now it’s great to see him so well and for him to see us,” McDermott shared, emphasizing the transformative impact of the surgery on their bond. 

This heartwarming tale serves as a testament to the profound connection between humans and their furry companions. Chief’s journey from vision impairment to clarity exemplifies the lengths to which pet owners are willing to go to ensure the well-being and happiness of their beloved animals. 



As Chief enjoys his newfound vision and an enhanced quality of life, it is a reminder of the enduring loyalty and unwavering love that Basset Hounds, and dogs in general, bring into our lives. With their distinctive characteristics and unique personalities, dogs like Chief continue to capture our hearts and enrich our lives in immeasurable ways. 

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