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Malaria Day 2022: Kenyan Researchers’ Efforts to Defeat Malaria

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While the whole world is struggling to win the battle against the deadly coronavirus, Africa is still a hotbed of Malaria. But the scientists and researchers in Kenya are moving ahead in their war against the disease. 

Malaria Day is observed on 25th April every year. The day recognizes the global efforts to defeat the disease. Kenyan scientists announced this malaria day that they had developed a new malaria testing kit which is at least five times cheaper than the current kits used for testing malaria. 

Of all the African nations, Kenya alone requires about 15 million test kits annually. These kits are currently imported from countries like China and Korea, as reported by France 24. 

Now, as the kits are produced indigenously, this will reduce the price of the tests, says Dr. Damaris Matoke-Muhia Kamri, Head of the Molecular Entomology Lab. Other African nations like Uganda and Tanzania, where malaria is a bigger issue, can also use these kits at relatively lower prices, she added. 

The lab is also breeding mosquitoes for research to sequence the parasite’s DNA to test drug resistance. Dr. Kelvin Thiong’o, Research Scientist, Malaria Division at the lab, says that they have close communication with other nations’ officials like Tanzania and Uganda to share data and to know about the condition in other countries. 

Sharing the data is one of the important agendas of the African Leaders Malaria Alliance. The alliance is headed by Kenya. Experts believe that there are certain parts of Kenya where malaria eradication is near the endgame, but there are several areas where there is still so much work to do, France 24 reports. 

The alliance’s goal is to eradicate malaria from the continent by 2030. It is indeed an ideal goal and looks difficult to achieve, but the Kenyan officials say they are in the right direction for achieving the goal. 

Malaria is spread due to a parasite that is transmitted through mosquitoes. In 2020, 241 million cases of malaria and 627,000 deaths were reported, says the WHO data. 95 percent of cases and deaths were from Africa. 


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