Meet Humans Who Resemble Barbie in Every Way

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Microsoft News Reported that most of us couldn’t understand why somebody would want to appear like Ken or Barbie. However, there are others for whom they must be prepared to pay astronomical sums of money to acquire the odd appearance. Even when these hazardous treatments go awry, people often don’t let it stop them from obtaining their altered appearance. 

Explore this article to discover more about some of these fascinating people! Mr. Roddy Alves Formerly known as Rodrigo Alves, the “Human Ken Doll” (a moniker Justin Jedlica also claims for him), the Brazilian now goes by the name Jessica Alves and identifies as a woman. According to the New York Post, before transitioning, Alves reportedly spent more than $650,000 to achieve her Ken Doll-like look, including having four ribs removed, a “cat-eye” lift, and so many nose surgeries that her nose started sinking and disintegrating. Alves reportedly spent even more to get a D-cup bust, bigger hips, and more prominent lips. 

Justin Jedlica, one of the most well-known Ken impersonators, is Justin Jedlica, who was born in New York. He has undergone hundreds of cosmetic surgeries to resemble Barbie’s male counterpart. Jedlica was brought up in a highly devout home. He came himself as gay and has since been married and divorced. 

Valery Lukyanova, The Ukrainian model, sometimes known as the “Human Barbie,” insists that breast augmentation is the only medical change she has made. She maintains her beauty by wearing colored contact lenses, following a rigorous raw vegetarian diet, and exercising often. 

Ophelia Vanity, originating in Los Angeles, has spent over $35,000 on surgeries to make herself seem like Barbie. She is of Chinese descent, but a blepharoplasty on her eyes gave her a more Caucasian look. She had more than 40 procedures, and her first major media appearance was in 2009, when she received numerous facial injections to give her a doll-like appearance. She underwent operations and received injections in her lips, eyes, nose, and other areas within four years of that, achieving her aim of having a doll-like appearance. 

The Argentine alternative model Luis Padron underwent multiple operations to transform himself into an elf. Costing US$80,000, the cosmetic work. He underwent several facelifts, botox treatments, skin-lightening procedures, and even many potentially hazardous operations to change the color of his eyes. 

Herbert Chavez, a Filipino who has undergone 19 operations, has been enamored with Superman since he was five and has spent his life trying to look like him. He’s had liposuction, pectoral and abdominal implants, pectoral and nose jobs, skin whitening, nose jobs, jaw realignment, and other cosmetic procedures to look like his hero.  

New York Post reported that Jennifer Pamplona, the former Versace model from Brazil, spent over $600k on 40 cosmetic treatments. She has had liposuction, fillers, and breast augmentation. Although she is pleased with the outcomes, she now understands that her plastic operations were risky and addicting, and she does not wish to have any other treatments. 

When Pamplona was 17 years old, she underwent surgery for the first time. Kardashian was starting to gain popularity at the time. Pamplona rapidly developed an addiction to procedures that would make her seem like the freshly minted A-lister after her first operation. 

Three rhinoplasties and eight operations on her bottom, including butt implants and fat injections to mimic Kardashian’s enormous booty, were among the 40 treatments she underwent. She rapidly attracted international notice thanks to her metamorphosis into Kim Kardashian’s twin, and she was even highlighted in The Post. Additionally, the beauty amassed more than a million Instagram followers, but happiness did not follow. 



Pamplona said, “I found that I was addicted to surgery, and I wasn’t happy; I was putting filler in my face like I was in the grocery store. “I just lost control of everything. It was an addiction, and I fell into a loop where surgery equaled fame and fortune. I experienced a lot of hardships. Pamplona claimed that she had been sad for years before realizing that she had body dysmorphia and wanted to return to her natural appearance. She located a physician in Istanbul who claimed to be able to assist her in returning to her former appearance. “I saw how I would look on the computer beforehand, and it was like I was having a rebirth,” the woman claimed. 

The stunning actress just underwent surgery, which cost her six figures, so the procedures were costly. “I had a nose job, a lip lift, a cat eye surgery, a face and neck lift, buccal fat removal, and all of those procedures at once,” she stated. I was one person when I entered the operating room, and I was another when I left. On the other hand, Pamplona experienced issues during the “detransition” procedure, claiming that she had an infection and had been “bleeding from her cheeks” for three days. She said, “I believed I was going to die. What the heck have I done with my life? I was asking myself.  

Thankfully, the brunette is progressing toward recovery, but the procedure’s final effects are not yet apparent because she still has significant swelling and bruises. The courageous Brazilian, however, claimed that she already knew the excruciating procedure was worthwhile. According to Pamplona, the knowledge that I’m no longer at odds with myself is the best sensation. I’ve achieved my goals, and I finally realize what life’s purpose is. 

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