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Moderna Seeks Pediatric Coronavirus Vaccine Authorization From FDA

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One of the biggest corona vaccine manufacturers, Moderna, has requested the emergency use of its vaccine for babies and young children. Babies and small children are the only groups that are left to access the COVID vaccine in the US. 

According to the latest reports, about 75 percent of children have been infected with the coronavirus. And there is still no vaccine for toddlers and young children. 

Vaccine manufacturing for kids was not an easy task for the manufacturers. Initially, they had to face many disappointing results and delays in getting data, as the Washington Post reports. 

There is indeed a huge demand for vaccines for children. Parents and physicians have been waiting for the doses for children. In fact, many politicians have pointed out the need for a vaccine for children. Moderna’s announcement will indeed put pressure on the Food and Drug Administration to respond quickly. 

According to a report published in Politico last week, the federal agency may not make a decision on Moderna’s vaccine till June.  

According to Moderna, its two doses of vaccine for children are a quarter of what is given to an adult. The doses were successful in improving the immune system among children in the trials, says Moderna. 

Many experts believe that there is a difference between showing good results in the lab and actually protecting against the more contagious BA.2 variant of omicron. Also, many health experts believe that two doses of the vaccine moderately protected against the omicron variant among adults. The concentration of children’s vaccines is already a quarter of the adults, so there is uncertainty if the vaccine can protect against the virus. 

According to a senior Biden administration official, Moderna is expected to submit all the raw data by the second week of May. So, the agency might make its judgment by June, reported by the Washington Post. 

It is still not clear if the agency will review Moderna’s entire data, which also includes findings of children up to 17. Moderna’s vaccine for children has been delayed by almost a year because of some cases of heart inflammation in adolescents. 


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