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People Celebrate Opening Of New Healthcare Clinic in North Sudan

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For more than 20 years, people in the Abu Gaw village in the Darfur region of North Sudan did not have access to any professional healthcare in their region. 

People had to travel long distances to access proper medical services. During childbirth women would give birth at the local midwives’ houses without proper medical facilities, as reported by France 24. 

Sudan has been a conflict zone since 2004, when the violence erupted between Khartoum and the separatists. The last medical dispensary was destroyed in 2004. The conflict later led to the split of the nation between North Sudan and South Sudan. 

Several villagers had to flee for their lives to the displacement centers. Since 2018, many of them have started to return to their villages. 

Bahja Ahmed, a local midwife, says that people had to travel miles just to get simple medicines for headaches. Many women had problems while delivering. Now, with the opening of the medical center, people won’t have to face this problem, she added. 

According to Ni’ma Saeed Abid, the representative in Sudan for the World Health Organization, the organization is looking very seriously into this matter. People are not just getting the medical services, but the organization has included them in the decision making and planning of what kind of services they want from the medical center. 

After the opening of this medical center, people have rejoiced for themselves and the good health of their children. Many people believe that this is a good start for the coming years for the whole region, which has been robbed of a medical healthcare center for about two decades, France 24 reports. 

Sudan is part of the 115 nations that pledged Universal Health Coverage. More than 900 million people have benefitted from the coverage to date. The WHO, which is already very active in Africa, has expressed interest in medically developing the region in the coming years medically. 

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