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People Prefer To Visit Doctors Of Same Race, Study Says

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Do you consider the color of the doctor before visiting them? According to the data released by the Urban Institute, a think tank that conducts economic and social research, about three-fourths of White patients have a healthcare provider who speaks the same language or of the same race. This is not the same for patients of color. 

On the other hand, about 29.2 percent of Hispanic and Latino adults and 22.2 percent of Black adults surveyed prefer their usual healthcare providers to share their race or ethnicity. Also, about a quarter of Hispanic and Latino patients said their provider is of the same race or ethnicity and speaks to them using their preferred language, as reported by the Washington Post. 

The Health Reform Monitoring Survey, the nationally representative survey of the Urban Institute, surveyed 9067 adults in 2021. The study presents the historical barriers for people of color to enter the medical industry. The data from the Association of American Medical Colleges shows that less than 12 percent of US physicians are Black or Hispanic. Moreover, the total share of Black men in medical colleges is just 2.9 percent. 

The study says that a diverse medical workforce is crucial for a better outcome of global healthcare. One of the biggest barriers for patients to reach doctors is language. People prefer to go to the doctor who speaks the same language. Also, the same language accounts for better communication. 

One of the ways to increase the number of Black people’s access to medical education is by creating new universities. Also, there could be an increase in financial aid to the blacks and Hispanics to encourage them to pursue medical education, the Washington Post reports. 

There are other things that can be done to encourage people to go to doctors of other races, like having knowledge of more than one language and promoting doctors to learn more than one language. This can significantly increase the number of patients seeking medical help. Moreover, colored people shouldn’t have to feel uncomfortable going to doctors of other races. Physicians must maintain a friendly and comfortable environment for them. 


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