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Researchers Discover New Drug That Might Assist in Controlling Hypertension

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According to new research published in NBC News, an experimental drug might one day benefit millions of individuals suffering from untreated high blood pressure.  

Data presented at the American Heart Association’s annual meeting revealed that patients who took the medicine baxdrostat regularly had much lower blood pressure than those who received a placebo. The study was published in the New England Journal of Medicine. One of the new oral drugs’ mechanisms of action involves blocking a hormone that regulates blood salt levels.  

Dr. Morris Brown, professor of endocrine hypertension at the Queen Mary University of London and research co-author, told NBC News that around 10 million Americans suffer a kind of hypertension that increases their risk of strokes and heart attacks but does not respond to present medications.  

Millions of people worldwide suffer needlessly from untreated hypertension, which increases their risk of developing significant health issues. According to research, patients with hypertension who had not reacted to conventional drugs had significant blood pressure decreases with the innovative pharmaceutical baxdrostat.  

According to the findings of a phase 2 study, aldosterone may have a role in some cases of treatment-resistant hypertension. Blood pressure measures the amount of stress your blood puts on your artery walls. Trusted systolic This sum comprises half source pressure at the peak of a cardiac cycle and half diastolic pressure at the base of the heart’s oscillations.  

Average blood pressure values are systolic blood pressure measurements of up to 120 mm Hg and diastolic blood pressure readings of up to 80 mm Hg. According to the most recent American professional practice guidelines, hypertension is a reading that is regularly more than 130 mm Hg or less than 80 mm Hg.  

Hypertension has a harmful influence on the cardiovascular system, brain, kidneys, and eyes. Stroke and heart attack, caused by persistently high blood pressure, are among the top causes of death in the United States.  

According to a Brown University email, hypertension affects 20%-30% of the population. Only 5-10% of persons with hypertension can keep it under control.  

Some people’s hypertension is primarily caused by aldosterone, the hormone that controls how much salt the body retains; these individuals do not react well to standard therapy. Brown says aldosterone is equally challenging to reduce directly as cortisol, another vital hormone. This problem is avoided by blocking an enzyme essential for the generation of aldosterone.  


Brown and colleagues recruited 270 people in the United States with blood pressures of at least 130/80 mm Hg despite taking at least three hypertension medications to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of baxdrostat. It was discovered that higher doses reduced aldosterone secretion and blood pressure.  

Baxdrostat, which operates by blocking aldosterone synthase, a crucial enzyme in the synthesis of aldosterone, was proven to lower blood pressure in persons with treatment-resistant hypertension. 



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