Study Reveals Effective Oral Care Practices to Mitigate Tonsil Stone Formation

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Tonsils are two lymphoid tissues present at the back of throat. It prevents many infections as it traps and filters several dangerous bacteria and viruses. They also play an important role in the formation of white blood cells and antibodies that fight against infections.  

What are tonsil stones, their prevention and treatment methods?  

Food particles sometimes get stuck in the openings of the tonsils and forms tonsil stones. Large tonsils have some irregular crypts on their surface. It becomes hard and calcified when food particles, saliva or mucus get caught in them. These stones look like small pebbles on the tonsil surface. They look either white or yellow. They are very dangerous and can cause chronic tonsil inflammation or tonsilitis.  

People who have a history of tonsillitis have a higher risk of developing stones. Because small holes usually get developed when their tonsils swell and become enlarge. People who have large tonsils also have the higher risk of developing stones due to their large surface area. This surface area allows food particles to collect and form stones. 

Tonsil stones are very difficult to treat or prevent because food and substances pass through the mouth to the stomach cause them. But they can be prevented by maintaining good oral  hygiene. It can reduce the risk of the development of tonsil stones. Some habits like brushing teeth after meals, mornings, and before going to bed, gently brushing the tongue and using non-alcoholic mouthwash regularly are  very effective. They can effectively reduce bacteria that can cause tonsil stones. Tonsil stones are not very harmful for a person’s health. But it can cause bad breath due to the bacteria that accumulate on the tonsils. 

Healthcare professionals perform surgery known as tonsillectomy in people with tonsil stones. It removes tonsil stones and reduces the risk of them permanently. But sometimes they can not perform this surgery due to a person’s age and medical history. So, they can suggest them other options like brushing teeth and maintaining proper oral health.  

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