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US Surgeons Successfully Perform Complex Brain Surgery on Fetus

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As per an article published in Firstpost, US doctors have achieved a medical breakthrough by successfully performing complex brain surgery on an unborn baby, using a groundbreaking technique that could revolutionize fetal medicine. The procedure was carried out on a 34-week pregnant woman in Boston. A team of ten medical professionals used ultrasonography to guide a long needle into the mother’s abdomen to reach the baby’s brain. The life-saving surgery was performed to treat a rare condition known as the vein of Galen malformation (VOGM), which can cause heart failure and stroke shortly after delivery.  

According to medical experts Vein of Galen malformation (VOGM) is a rare prenatal condition in which the development of blood vessels carrying blood from the brain to the heart is impaired, particularly the cerebral vein. Due to the improper development of this vein, the blood pressure in the vein and heart can increase, leading to heart failure and brain damage, which may result in several other health issues. The cause of this condition is uncertain, but it is believed to be associated with genetics or gene disorders.   

Newborns with VOGM may experience symptoms such as headaches or bleeding, making it imperative to undergo regular checkups to detect the condition early. While current therapies are only available after a baby is born, the new technique treats the problem before it can harm the unborn child. The medical professionals used ultrasonography to guide a needle into the mother’s abdomen, stopping blood flow back into the veins by injecting a chemical into the channel.  

Dr. Darren Orbach of Boston Children’s Hospital, who was part of the surgery team, expressed his delight at the outcome, stating that the baby was doing exceptionally well, gaining weight, and returning home. He added that there are no indications that the brain is negatively affected, and the new method could herald a paradigm shift in treating VOGM. Instead of attempting to correct the deformity after delivery, doctors can fix it before birth and prevent heart failure from happening.  

The success of in-utero brain surgery marks a significant advancement in fetal medicine and provides hope for parents of babies with severe medical conditions. The groundbreaking procedure has the potential to significantly lower the risk of infants developing long-term brain damage, disability, or death. With the use of advanced technology and highly skilled medical professionals, this life-saving surgery has shown that there is hope for babies diagnosed with rare medical conditions that were previously considered untreatable.  

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